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A southern, barefoot, Appalachian gypsy for many years, I landed in the Midwest for college - Kent State University  - GO GOLDEN FLASHES!


Grad school'd in Detroit - where I spent three years doing classical rep at Wayne State University's Hilberry Theatre - but more importantly, where I broke a leg on stage. Literally. It's a great story. Best told over whiskey. Or tequila. I'm not picky. 

I currently make a home in  Astoria, NY, with an adorable spouse and 24 hour access to feta cheese.


I work in film, tv, and theatre. 

Member of SAG-AFTRA, Actor's Equity, and, most notably, the 1995 Geneva High School Colorguard (of which there is absolutely, 100%, no photographic evidence. Thanks for asking, though). 

2010 - present
2010 - present
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